pandas. bitch. run. now.

pandas. bitch. run. now.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Crusty Tear Ducts.

One of my best friends, Kelly, when joined with me, is stupid. Here's a conversation we had on AIM. (I'm changing our screen names...god knows we both don't need any more stalkers.) The funny part is, everything I mention with the birthday part is true.

kelly (2:11:17 AM): my page is so depressing i love it
kelly (2:11:20 AM): and its black.
kelly (2:11:26 AM): with depressing blue
kelly (2:11:37 AM): and my hair is black and i have a blue shirt.
kelly (2:11:40 AM): i am great.
kyle (2:12:11 AM): yes. yes you are.
kyle (2:12:23 AM): minus the whole being absent on your "best friend's" birthday thing.
kelly (2:12:28 AM): :-(
kyle (2:12:50 AM): well at least you can't break some else's hearts and their family's dreams at dinner, right?
kyle (2:13:05 AM): or have all of your exes show up to the party, right?
kelly (2:13:17 AM): ::siiiiiiiigh::
kyle (2:13:27 AM): or show up with another soon to be ex, late with no present and eat up all the pizza, right?
kyle (2:13:29 AM): 0:-)
kyle (2:13:37 AM): O:-)
kelly (2:13:47 AM): :,(
kyle (2:13:52 AM): aww.
kelly (2:13:56 AM): i cry backwards.
kyle (2:13:57 AM): me <3 you.
kyle (2:14:01 AM): you do.
kelly (2:14:02 AM): with one tear.
kelly (2:14:10 AM): how is it?
kelly (2:14:14 AM): :'(
kelly (2:14:16 AM): OH.
kyle (2:14:17 AM): who the fuck uses their left tear duct anymore anyway?
kelly (2:14:28 AM): i do muthafukkaaaaaaa
kelly (2:15:10 AM): ::left tear duct overload::
kelly (2:15:22 AM): ew imagine only crying from ONE eye. but like bawling.
kelly (2:15:24 AM): lmao0o0o
kyle (2:17:57 AM): lol
kyle (2:18:11 AM): the other eye stays mad dry.
kyle (2:18:17 AM): but like, crusts over.
kyle (2:18:24 AM): because of the lack of moisture action.
kelly (2:18:27 AM): aw.

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