pandas. bitch. run. now.

pandas. bitch. run. now.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Reta[rd]il Therapy.

I'm seriously going to need therapy after working through my first holidays in retail. I kid you not, over 90% of the population is fucking STUPID. I'm so going to be able to write a book on this when (IF) I get the free time to sit and recall them, but for now I'll leave you with this thought:

As I'm looking up a book for this lady on the computer (I work at the info desk at a bookstore, if I haven't mentioned that already), she asks if it'd be okay if she came and looked over my shoulder. Thinking this wouldn't really be a problem, I said yes, she could come and look over my shoulder.

And then she did.


She rested her fucking head on my shoulder as she read the screen.

Only two weeks until the holiday tards are finally done shopping (you know damn well they'll be in all week after Christmas trying to get clearance shit).

P.S. Oh yeah. Got a mohawk in August. Been letting it grow. Finally dyed it. Huzzah!

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