pandas. bitch. run. now.

pandas. bitch. run. now.

Monday, September 17, 2007

That Smells Hot.

I kid you not:

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Yes, kiddies. Paris has a fragrance. (Apparently, she has four.)

I was spending the afternoon with Hector (who's going to Philly this week - BOO!) and as if we were middle aged suburban mothers in Iowa, we wound up in TJ Maxx (do they spell it with two "x"'s for shock value?). Hector found what he wanted (an article of clothing for his boyfriend that I will not disclose - if you can even call it an article of clothing, lol) so we got in the line from Hell. While we were waiting, I noticed the fragrance section was right next to the cashier. I was just mentioning to Hector how I desperately wanted cologne earlier in the day, so I decided to go take a look.

There were quite a few choices at my disposal. Kenneth Cole Signature and one of the variants of Hugo Boss were both there and are both brands I've worn before, but were in the $30+ price range (I only brought $20 with me). Some of the fragrances were unfortunately automatic rule-outs, like Curve's 3rd fragrance whose name I cannot remember. (Everybody and their mom wears Curve.) After a few moments, I had it narrowed down to three: Cumbia and Blue something or other, both by United Colors of Benetton, and Just Me For Men by Paris Hilton. I picked up all three to show to Hector, and included the Paris one as a joke, but then he told me I should get it and he was being serious.

I contemplated the pros and cons: I really only picked up the Cumbia one to say I was wearing Cumbia (the kind of irritating tch-tch-TCH, tch-tch-TCH beat music my sister and I associate with the Mexicans in our neighborhood), and the Blue one because it was blue. However, Cumbia had a lemon looking ingredient in it (a PLUS - I'm a huge citrus nut). Just Me did too, but it also had essence of treemoss, which sounded creepy to me. And each of the UCoB ones were $10, whereas Just Me was $13. In the end, though, I decided to trust Hector's judgement and go with the Just Me.

And I opened it after I bought it - and it. is. ORGASMIC.

Paris once again manages to stun me, a feat she first started doing with her music (it's actually GOOD). And some might argue that I'm giving her more money, but she probably only makes like $1 from every bottle she sells. And then probably donates that money to charity!

...Ha ha, no, I couldn't keep a straight face that long either. Whatever. The point is, I have an awesome cologne, Paris has $13 more, and I am going to smell absolutely rapeable for the forseeable future. :)

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